Forthcoming Guild Events

Changes to usual events 

In the light of the recent Covid19 pandemic the Guild AGM this year will take place by email (see below) and future conventional social events have been temporarily cancelled.

Latest Guild member's news

If you missed the latest Guild news letter, or the AGM minutes you can see them here :-

Special General Meeting 2021; Annual General Meeting 2020 and 2021

Dear Member

This letter is to report on the outcome of the Special General Meeting and to explain how we intend to conduct our 2019/20 and 2020/21 Annual General Meetings, to conclude on May 10.


a). Special General Meeting

Thank you for your responses to the letter of 15 March 2021 and the proposed amendment 8(e) to the Guild’s constitution. The consultation period closed on Wednesday 7 April. We received 78 responses by email and post.

 For the amendment:  77 Members   Against the amendment: 1 Member

 The amendment is carried and the constitution will be amended accordingly.


b). Annual General Meeting 2019/020.

Note the 2019/20 Chair’s report, and the 2018/19 AGM minutes can be seen on this website, or on request to the secretary emailed or posted to you. The 2019/20 Treasurers report will be attached to our AGM notice to be sent to you.   


We will propose a first resolution to be voted upon that i) the minutes of the 2018/19 AGM be approved, ii) The Chair report for 2019/20  be approved iii) the treasurers report for 2019/20 be adopted and iv) the continued  performance of the committee members in their roles for the 2020/21 year be approved, and if this resolution is passed that it be be minuted as a formal conclusion to the Guild 2019/20 year.


c).  Annual General Meeting 2021 – by notice to be sent on the 24 April.

The Chairs report for 2020/21, and the Treasurers report for 2020/21 will be    attached to our AGM notice to be sent to you .  


We will propose by a second resolution to be voted upon that the Chairs report and the Treasurers report for 2020/21 be approved and the constitutional amendment agreed at the Special General Meeting be noted and that if this resolution is passed that it be minuted as a conclusion the Guild 2020/21 year.


 d).  Committee nominations

We will also propose a third resolution to vote upon the election of committee members. We will list those nominated and you may choose to vote to elect each member listed.


Your votes upon those 3 resolutions will allow the Guild to conclude it’s formal Annual General Meetings for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 years.  


For your information -  our constitution specifies a committee of between 5 and 10 members but also allows for up to 3 co-options.


The Guild would benefit from fresh faces either as members or as co-options. Skill in handling the technical and administrative challenges of hosting Zoom sessions would be very welcome, as would readiness to host Venue based sessions.  If you are interested (or know someone who is) please let me know by 23 April.  Two members are needed to support a nomination for election.


We hope these arrangements will safeguard the health and safety of all our members until we can meet again in person- hopefully some time this year.


With best wishes,


Diana Cavanagh,