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     Summer  Programme
          May to July 2024 

Day Trip to Jodrell Bank
Wednesday 15th May 2024 - 9.30 am

A trip to Jodrell Bank telescope area and surrounding Information Centre and Space Dome. Visitors will also have access to an extensive Arboretum.

This will be a Group Trip with reduced fees for Entry for a group. The maximum numbers will be 15 for the trip. Mike and Christine Webb are already going so there are 13 places remaining for booking in. The Cost is £16 per person for entry and other services ; see below. 




NB: Money for the trip will be collected from participants on the day of the trip by Mike Webb at the venue. - cash only.

The Trip will be by private cars. Meeting Time for trip will be: 9.15 am at The Town Hall Car Park, Glossop for people from the Glossop and surrounding area. If you have a car please bring it along. If you require transport lifts will be provided. It may be sensible to share cars and some people leave their car behind. Those people living away from Glossop area may wish to travel separately. If you are travelling in someone else’s car, please do not offer transport money to car driver.

Leaving at approx. 9.30 am from Glossop, travel time should be approximately be one and a quarter hours.  On arrival at the Jodrell Bank parking area people should gather near the entrance point. To get the group discount the group need to go in together.

Brief outline for suggested Day:-

About 10 45 -11am. It is suggested that after entry the group should gather at the on site café for Tea/Coffee etc. ,when a brief summary will be given about what is on offer for the Day.

11.30 am Go to Space Dome for a brief introductory film about the complex and what is available for people to see.

After seeing this , it is suggested people may wish to go various information points and buildings .

If you wish to have a walk round the Arboretum as well for say an hour this could be done then. 

It is suggested we meet at the Café for lunch at about 1.15 pm and for those eating in the café we could sit together. If you have a packed lunch this could be eaten on seats outside or possibly seats inside.

2.30pm. A film is presented in the Space Dome which is included in our fee. This is a highly inventive animation film detailing from the start of the universe and following on as to how the universe expanded and how our own planet came to be formed.

After watching this – for about half and hour - there will be a break.

3.30 pm. There will be a talk about Jodrell Bank, presented by a member of the staff. Again , this will be about half an hour.  If this lasts till 4pm then people can choose to go or retire to the Café for a drink etc and share ideas as to how the day went. Return home by car about 4.30 pm.


For those wishing to go you can book as follows:-  By emailing Mike Webb at the following address,   or ring Mike’s landline : 01457 865819 ; about 5 -7pm in the evening is best.

OR if attending the AGM of the Guild on Monday 22nd April to put your name down on a sheet available at the meeting.

Please indicate if you have a car and can offer a lift to someone or you are in need of a lift.

Wild Flower Walk off Monks Road Glossop
Saturday the 1st of  June 2024 - 10.15 am


This is a short walk taking in some wildflower meadows and wayside flowers finishing at the Upland Farm nearby owned by  Sally Hodgson where lunch will be taken.

The length of the walk is two and three quarter to three miles. The walk will be at a very slow pace, stopping periodically to look at flowers and to have a go at naming them. No previous knowledge is necessary. There is one incline going up 100 feet and a second one going up 50 feet, both done at a very slow pace. Also there will be Curlews and Skylarks singing overhead, which we can take in by halting. There are 5 stiles. Two of these are quite high but not difficult to get over.

Sally will make us welcome inside her newly refurbished barn to take in lunch and I believe a hot drink may be available. Lunch will be at approx. 12.30 to 1 pm ish. Sally on this visit will not be showing us round but will do so on a later visit on the 30th of June.

Anyone interested  after lunch can come with me on an extra 2 mile walk to see if we can see one or two interesting birds such as Wheatear, Ring Ousel and Little Owl. Those not interested can return to Glossop.


Maximum numbers will be 15 ; including myself and wife Chriss.

Those interested will gather at Glossop Town Hall Car Park at 10.15 to 10.30. There should be sufficient cars to offer lifts to those who need transport.

Bring Packed lunch. Should be back in Glossop by 2pm unless doing extra walk.

If interested You can:

Contact Mike Webb on following e mail :  or ring landline on : 01457 865819 ; 5-7pm is best.

OR Sign up for the trip at The Glossop Guild AGM where you can sign a sheet.

Please note . This is a no cost trip.

A Tour of an Upland Farm and a  Short Walk Onto Cown Edge.
Sunday 30th June 2024

Where : Higher Plainsteads  Farm  off  Monks Road.

A short walk of about two to three miles will take place onto Cown Edge and back . From here are great views  from  the edge over the surrounding country side. Look out for Wild Birds  The walk will finish at Higher Plainsteads Farm  in time for lunch. Please wear strong footwear. There are two limited inclines on this walk and a few styles to get over.

Sally Hodgson who owns the farm will then give a talk about her Farm and how it is run. Sally receives grants in order to run her farm in ways that protect the local wild flower species and also to promote nesting birds on her land including nesting Curlew and other species. She also has an interest in treating her livestock in a humane way.

The talk will be followed by a tour of the uplands meadows on her farm which are looked after in a way which promotes a rich diversity of flowers. We can then return to her barn which has been laid out for visitors. The day will finish by about 2pm when the party can return to their cars which are five minutes walk away.

Note : There will be no charge for this walk.

If you wish to join this walk please contact me as below:-

By Email at :

Or by Telephone on following  numbers : 01457 865819 or : 07989 911297. Best time : 5-7 pm.

Arrangements :  Meet at Glossop Town Hall Car Park at 10.30 am. We will then proceed by car, hose needing a lift will be offered one. We will park up at a car parking area off Monks road

Plainsteads Farm.jpg
Visit to Lady Lever Art Gallery - Port Sunlight
Tutor: Frank Vigon
Friday 21st June 2024 - 9.00 am

This will be a day trip to this Gallery led by the Guild Lecturer Frank Vigon Frank has lectured to Guild Members at many successful  presentations on various Artistic Movements and Individual Artists.

The Lady Lever Art Gallery lies in the middle of the Port Sunlight Village which Lord Lever had built for his employers a hundred years ago. The Gallery  is a marvellous centre piece to the Community, containing a large range of paintings by recognised Artists.  Frank will be taking us on a guided tour of the paintings there making his own interpretations as to the major features to be seen there. Most of the day will be taken up by this, although there will be an opportunity to look at the hallmarks of the Village which is an outstanding example of how a major industrialist provided good quality homes for employees. The Day will finish by late afternoon.

Lady Lever Art Gallery

People will be expected to make their own way by cars to the Village Gallery. We will need to be at the Gallery by 10.45 am. The journey by car takes one hour and a half approximately. It is suggested that all participants from the Glossop area meet  at the Town Hall Car Park at 9 am. Those people who have not got their own transport or have reservations about driving may be offered a lift in other people’s cars. There may be a few people who live at some distance from Glossop who should be able to make their own way to The Gallery.

There will be a limit on numbers for this trip of fifteen people. My wife and I will be going , so that leave spaces for thirteen others to come. It is suggested that people book early as we anticipate this will be popular trip. There is just a chance that the Lady Lever Gallery may be subject to Industrial Action like other Galleries in Liverpool and in this case the trip would have to be cancelled. We would let you know asap.

Cost is £10 per person. There is a reasonable quality café at the Gallery I understand.

NB: Money for the trip will be collected from participants on the day of the trip by Mike Webb at the venue - cash only.

If you wish to be considered for this trip please can you contact me as below:

By Email at :

Or by Telephone on following  numbers : 01457 865819 or : 07989 911297. Best time : 5-7 pm.

This trip is now full. No further bookings can be taken.

Rept0n1x, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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